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  1. Hey @Maniram, did you get the material? If yes, can you share.
  2. Hey, did you get anything for CTIA, study material or questions?
  3. @drunkmonk, thanks. Post putting my request here, I searched further and was able to find the forum which the GP had talked about. I grabbed the file from there and it opened some VCE files.
  4. Hi @study4fr33, possible to reseed or reupload on some file sharing site as currently this torrent has no seeders?
  5. This is old version and does not work with new files. This would work with very old vce files only
  6. Has anyone got latest question bank of AWS Security cert? If you have used one, which one and have you given exam? What was your result?
  7. Hey, I plan to give the exam. I am also looking for any who has given the exam. do you also want to give it? Do you got any question bank which can help in preparation?
  8. Hey @cciecrackers, did you get the dumps? If yes please share
  9. Do you have AWS specialty courses as none are in the collection you have shared? Thanks.
  10. The post title is misleading. There is no content in it for cyber security. It has basics of OS, networking and scripting. This is the list: Streaming Tutorials 1. Introduction to Operating Systems Linux VMware Installation and Configuration OS Background & Building the Linux VM Core Commands Users and Groups Applications and Services Files and Permissions Installing Software Windows Windows Virtual Machine Installation Updating Windows Command Line Basics File System Users and Groups Policies and Credential Storage Registry Networking and Sharing Services and Processes 2. Networking Introduction and Layer 1 Layer 2 - Data Link Layer 3 - Network, Part 1: Addressing & Masking Layer 3 - Network, Part 2: Routing Layer 3 - Network, Part 3: Communication Layer 4 - Transport Layers 5 & 6 - Session and Presentation Layer 7 - Application Inter-Layer Communication & Conclusions 3. System Administration Bash Scripting Scripting Introduction & Linux Review Variables & Parameters Flow Control Parsing & Searching Practical Uses & Conclusion PowerShell Introduction to PowerShell Cmdlets Scripting, Variables and Syntax Flow Control Practical Uses & Conclusion Python Introduction to Python Operators and Flow Control Scripts Modules and Introspection Practical Uses & Conclusion
  11. The latest is v10 and this is dated 2014. Not sure how useful this one will be as a lot of PenTest techniques/tools won't be useful. Anyone has the v9 or v10 of this course?
  12. These only have videos. Is there any lab files or any other material available?
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