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  1. Still the site is not reachable, giving access denied message. Anyone can share material of SEC545 course which was hosted here?
  2. When archive is created with parts, you have 1 file with .zip or .rar extension and part files ending in numbers like .z01. Depending on the options selected, you may be able to extract some files from an incomplete archive or not. To have all the files, you will need all the parts of the archive and also the .zip file. You can see the process - take a 12 MB file, compress with parts of size 5 MB. You will get .zip and 01 and 02 files. BTW, have you download the files? I was downloading selected course files and the host has gone down with me having partial files now. Do you have Sec545 Video - @Hide01 @SansDefense.z01 file and can share?
  3. Those (.z01, .z02, etc) are the parts of the compressed file. Use 7zip program if you are on Windows.
  4. That host has gone down today. Anyone else knows a non-telegram mirror?
  5. @dinukamo I see dumps posted in forum. Have you gone through any those? Did you give exam or want to give exam. Share if you find anything
  6. @teja did you write exam? What result? Share any info.
  7. Hey @Maniram, did you get the material? If yes, can you share.
  8. Hey, did you get anything for CTIA, study material or questions?
  9. @drunkmonk, thanks. Post putting my request here, I searched further and was able to find the forum which the GP had talked about. I grabbed the file from there and it opened some VCE files.
  10. Hi @study4fr33, possible to reseed or reupload on some file sharing site as currently this torrent has no seeders?
  11. This is old version and does not work with new files. This would work with very old vce files only
  12. Has anyone got latest question bank of AWS Security cert? If you have used one, which one and have you given exam? What was your result?
  13. Hey, I plan to give the exam. I am also looking for any who has given the exam. do you also want to give it? Do you got any question bank which can help in preparation?
  14. Hey @cciecrackers, did you get the dumps? If yes please share
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