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  1. Thank you very much tester1337 for the share
  2. The course has just been released and i think only one video has been uploaded. They gonna release a video every week, so im hoping that someone uploads all of them here when they are done.
  3. anon4398


    its been a while now, but i want to bump this in case anyone has seen it anywhere else.
  4. So its confirmed that the VM is nothing more than a windows copy with Flare-VM tools installed ? no videos/samples/exercises inside the VM ?
  5. Yes, but they give you resources (such as PDFs or physical books) with the course info. I have seen some people selling them on other sites but cant seem to find a free leak.
  6. If you missed the SentinelOne zero2hero malware analysis videos here are 11 chapters. Unfortunately I missed the last episode, the 12 video, if anyone has it feel free to post it or pm me so i can add it to the link. Please download and reupload it to keep a mirror [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Grab it quick and re upload it [Hidden Content] ill try to upload it to mega next week EDIT: kk here is the mega link [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Im also looking for the Dark Side Ops 1 malware dev by silent break security if anyone has it.
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