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  1. I am guessing you are asking abut Pearson Vue testing places. Testing centers need you to sign form, always wear mask (Even during exam) and are keeping you upto 6 feet away from other testing candidates.
  2. I am trying to create lab for JNCIE-DC from inetzero studyguide. Anyone have SRX and other non vqfx and non vmx configuration that they can share?
  3. Would it also work on Ryzen 3900X ? - Yes, It "SHOULD" work on any 3rd Gen Ryzen as long as you have sufficient resources (Same architecture and SSE4.2 support among other things). is your EVE-NG on Ryzen 3800X is on BareMetal or in Nested Virtualization(VMware)? - Bare Metal. Not a good idea to run EVE-NG within a VM when using something like XRV9K. Xrv9k runs its own KVM hypervisor with 3 VM's in it. So it will be really really bad with nested VM. You will also see a significant performance impact on other VM's running in Eve-ng if nested within another VM
  4. Advance features gets updated as new versions come up. For this forum where most of the people looking for basic features, IOS XRV is fine for most of the people in this forum. Also since this post was on question about how to run XRV9k on Ryzen processors, I was answering that part of question here. You may want to start another post on difference between XRV and XRV9k
  5. Commands are the same. Its the features ( I am using it for Segment routing)
  6. No XRv version 7, but there is xrv9k with version 7 available. Working with Advance features.
  7. It does work in Eve-ng. Thats where I use it. Make sure you have this in Qemu options or in the template as permanent fix -cpu qemu64,+ssse3,+sse4.1,+sse4.2
  8. From [Hidden Content] Added following to KVM options: -cpu qemu64,+ssse3,+sse4.1,+sse4.2 This is working on my Ryzen 3800X
  9. Hi, look at [Hidden Content] page number 241
  10. I am planning on JNCIE-SP (Hopefully soon after Pandamic) . Then JNCIE-DC. I can convert the Secure PDF to regular PDF format by screenshot every page and stitch them together. I can work with whoever has the PDF's
  11. bchoss88

    JPR-960 JNCIE-SP

    Hi, I got my Exams coming soon. How do I get to be part of the group to share knowledge?
  12. I am interested in any data that is available. I have JNCIE-SP lab soon. Thanks
  13. kvm image would be great. I would like to deploy it in EVE
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