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  1. Hurry up ! (Happy Learning) Build A Search Engine With Python: Computer Science & Python ENDS IN 7 HOURS [hide][Hidden Content]] The Python Programming For Everyone Immersive Training ENDS IN 2 DAYS [hide][Hidden Content]] Python Programming Beginners Tutorial : Python 3 Programming EXPIRES IN 2 DAYS [hide][Hidden Content]] CNN for Computer Vision with Keras and TensorFlow in Python EXPIRES IN ONE DAY [hide][Hidden Content]] Python Bootcamp 2021 | Master Python From Zero To Hero EXPIRES IN ONE DAY [hide][Hidden Content]] Python For Data Analysis, Data Science & ML With Pandas ENDS IN 1 DAY [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Really ? You are an XXXXXX. Nobody talked about udemy ???? and the post offers Udemy - Ethical Hacking - Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Hunting v2 (Update). It offers free internship and can't be shared. Other courses do not offer that so they can be shared. Are you kidding me ? You are really a pure oligophrenic. But to be a borderline like for sure you are, I admit you are right,, I am a stupid loosing my time with such an XXXXX. ! Whether you like it or not this community is about sharing knowledge. Even the ones which offers internship, or the ones made by your 10yo nephew, If you don't like it you can browse google,. I have seen you are an expert google-searching. By the way who teaches you how to google search like a pro/like a master ? Yes I guess it:, your 10yo nephew. Even schizos like you learn how to "google search". 109.99$ tard ....OMG... The letter € means euros. oligophrenic Learn to read first !
  3. Use google search, use google translator. Your life without google is meaningless (LOL) I don't need to use google at all. My english it is pefectly understandable I know,. you know. Why dom't you browse google and leave this community ?
  4. If you want not to be insulted you have to begin not insulting. If you want respect you have to respect. But you don't know the word respect. Make yourself a favor and google search the word respect ! I know your IQ only gives for that (for google searching)
  5. Thanks drunkmonk for the share. You're simply the best Using Tor this is the price of the course : I have input this in python to get a solution for the problem but I got an error, maybe I have to quote the operands: if 109.99 euros == 6 dollars: print("you are lucky. Buy dollars and go to Europe" else: print( ":(")
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