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  1. I only found JNCIE. Help me find as well.
  2. I managed to get the old versions. If someone have new versions, pls share.
  3. Hello guys, Does anyone have JNCIP-SP and JNCIE-SP Lab workbooks? If so, please kindly share. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello all, Can someone share me Juniper SRX 18.++ version VM image? Thanks in advance.
  5. First read the Official Cert Guide from Cisco. Since it is count as CCIE written exam, it contain all of the theory you need to understand.
  6. Hello guys, Can someone share me the following images for EVE-NG? Thanks in advance
  7. Can you provide link to part 1? Thanks
  8. I think Khwar Butt and Narbiks have some labs concerning SDN and SD-Wan. I want to practice using those. I still need to think about hardware. The following link is from narbiks. I only see old RS on Khwar Butt website. [Hidden Content]
  9. Hello guys, Does anyone have new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Lab Workbook? If so, please kindly share. Thanks in advance.
  10. Physical server prices will be very high if so. Poor me.
  11. Can someone post newer workbooks for new CCIE version? Thanks in advance
  12. Answer is E. Wired clients authenticate directly with ISE.
  13. Does any one have valid dumps for the Oracle 2020 associate exam? I am planning to take on 15 July. Thanks in advance.
  14. Edited; A is right. There is LISP Control and Data. EIGRP OTP uses LISP Data only. And it uses multipoint tunneling like DMVPN.
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