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  1. Can someone re share newer versions of student guides?
  2. Mist is interesting. There is online boot camp on May 19 . You can register here . [Hidden Content]
  3. I got 98% with these notes. I recommend Sublime Text 3 to view since I created using indentation on it. You are welcome.
  4. I managed to download with different speed. There you go.! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Thanks man. If you get a hand on 16.a ,please share. Also do you happens to have JNCIA-Sec Study guide?
  6. Does anyone able to attend and download all training videos from Juniper Virtual Summit Event? I tried to download them with IDM but they failed in resembling. Please provide if you guys were able to download.
  7. Hello Guys, Does anyone have PDF Files for the following courses? If so please kindly share. Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals (JNDF) Introduction to Juniper Security (IJSEC)
  8. @showipmpls Can u please reupload JNCDF Course?
  9. @showipmpls Hey bro, Do you still have the files? Can you please share? I can't message you personally. There might be some security features going on.
  10. Links are dead! Can you reupload pls? JDF
  11. My JNCIA-DevOps full note if someone is willing to study. I recommend Sublime Text 3 to view since I wrote the notes with indentation. IJAUT Note
  12. @richmancert Questons are different but this txt from Surya Pratama have most questions that were on the exam iirc. Check those out.
  13. I study the materials from Junos Genius twice and read books about automation on Juniper Tech Library.
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