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  1. Go for Khawar butt I would say .... I am also a ccie and I know his level of teaching. As a warmup you can buy his course on udemy which will cost you peanuts but thats v5.
  2. Its better to mind your own business rather than giving free advice. I always thanked uploaders even this uploader and for your kind information I request so that others can also download stuff because nobody is at your service. SO its better to reply on the uploader's post because of visibility rather than creating separate topic. Thanks!
  3. Please upload these as well - [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
  4. Dude can you upload this please, desperately needed [Hidden Content]
  5. you should see the pass while extracting the file .. however its 'liansec.net'
  6. I Checked the official website, both courses have the same content. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  7. I was going to start this course - [Hidden Content] Can you please review the curriculum and compare it with Stephane Maarek's course ?
  8. Get your stuff here - [hide][Hidden Content]]
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