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  1. @whatareyou. Can you please share the tree of 508 2019 VoD folder? Somebody said that 508 2019 VoD is actually from 2017 and I have the 2017 one.
  2. Edit - This is DCIP not CPP (Mentioned in the footers of slides). Same content was shared yesterday under the title " Chiron DCIP (Discovery and Counter-Infiltration Professional) ". Which one is it. Is it DCIP or CPP?
  3. Can you plz reupload the ARES pdfs? I missed it because didn't expect to find ARES links in MASPT thread.
  4. Is there anything else in the course apart from the 12 videos (like slides, books or malware samples) ?
  5. 1ceh


    No. PWKv2 doesn't contain PWKv1. PWKv2 is self sufficient. No need for PWKv1. Yes. The decompressed size is 3.73 GB. There are 23 videos files and 2 pdf files. Both pdf have same content but one of them has better quality (good one is ~ 46MB).
  6. There are no pdf's in this download. Do not download if you want PDFs. It contains MASPTv1 as well as MASPTv2. I downloaded it for the PDFs but was a bit disappointed.
  7. 1ceh

    PTP v5

    can you please check if our sha256 sums match or not. If not, I will download again.
  8. 1ceh

    PTP v5

    I'm getting an error during extraction. Can you please compare the SHA256 sum of the file I downloaded with your local copy? File : PTPv5 (1).zip SHA256SUM : 271729b856b0f0079951df7f4f56252891cddbe84c4a1f8bd25296919902c2d4 Also If possible, upload in standard folder format instead of large archives.
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