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  1. Hi, I-m trying to use this option but unfortunately it does not work....any workaround?
  2. I agree with your idea regarding negotiation of contracts but unfortunately not all the countries (like mine) have the possibility to give high salaries to people I don't want to go OT so I'm gonna stop my thoughts here
  3. "We should be realistic, okeyyy.... Only if you stay/work in US, you can buy these wealthy property.." You are right my friend!! 4k is just too much
  4. I have the exactly same problem Laptop i7, 16 GB, 512 GB For the R&S i think it is sufficient for the other staff....well I think it's not unfortunately I'm, just waiting if INE will release some new workbooks or LAB that can help me with SDA/SDWAN/DNA
  5. Hi ciscochan, any news regarding itpro.tv ENARSI? THanks
  6. Hi, unfortunately the link isn't valid anymore, can you please add a new link? thank you
  7. Hi, do you even have any dumps for this exam?
  8. THank you @kurtlock for the share, I was searching for this.
  9. THe only workbooks that i've seen regarding the new EI are from Orhan Ergun...if you have them kindle share with us...
  10. Already shared, check the CCNP shares....
  11. @wldd14 In general I agree with you. But consider that 70% of the exam topics are just the same, so thats why he did a summary of the previous course, I think In general I have to say that I do not like his way of teaching too much, i prefer keith bogart...
  12. I've just watched few of them and these videos are just great...
  13. Thank you so much rawr1!!
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