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  1. 1 hour ago, corelanc0d3r said:

    Please stop sharing the Corelan bootcamp courseware. Take down the files, and if you have a copy, please stop sharing them.

    Aside from the fact that this is copyrighted content (and thus illegal to share), it's also absolutely morally wrong.

    Think about it for a moment:

    1. Corelan has been sharing tons of FREE content on their website since 2019.  Knowledge is already free.  In fact, the free content is written in a tutorial-like manner. The slides are just slides.

    2. Corelan is operating a Slack workspace, free for anyone to join, and actively supports people in their learning process.  Even if you have no money, you can still learn how to write exploits, for free.

    3. Teaching classes is my main source of income.  He charges a very reasonable price for his classes, and travels to various places around the world to make it easier for people to attend.    The classes are based on custom made courseware.  And this courseware should not be shared. I am trying to protect the work that I did to put the slides together.  I'm asking for a bit of respect here.

    4. Aside from feeding my family, the income is used to buy time to do research, and to post research for free.   The www.corelan.be website has been up since 2009 and continues to be available.   If you take away or affect my income, I will simply lose the incentive / motivation to give away content for free.


    So, please. Stop using the "knowledge should be free" as an excuse to cause damage to my small business and my personal life.  Remove the files, stop sharing.  Go to www.corelan.be and learn for free.  Join our Slack workspace and ask questions.  But please, stop hurting my business.

    And if you see other people sharing the files, I would appreciate if you could ask them to stop sharing.



    Peter "corelanc0d3r" Van Eeckhoutte

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    I'm sorry for that and I will keep telling people about not exchanging/selling/sharing it;

    please back the blog about modern exploitation - Microsoft Edge - CFG-ACG - Sandbox Escape, ..
    other people in Exploit Dev world seem to not like publish tutorials about modern exploitation; there are certainly people that started your tutorial series back in 2009-2012(exactly when you started writing) and they are people that took your "Advanced Training"; but please tell me one new|modern series about exploitation!!
    I know that most red teams don't use exploits in their tradecrafts but there are individuals just like me that like exploitation;

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  2. 3 hours ago, isign said:

    Can you share these as well? Thanks!

    be sure that I will share them when I get one of the these courses:
    Advanced Fuzzing and Crash Analysis
    Zero 2 Automated
    Adversary Simulation and Red Team Tactics by MDsec

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