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  1. Download url to the real PDF version [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. I've been getting messages and tagged in post asking for my version in PDF format. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Here is a snippet of my version. Same quality as the one provided or better? [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Is the PDF version provided by tronny pretty bad too? I have this book in PDF. Print is fine. I can upload it if needed.
  5. From Windows start menu type in "resmon". This will bring up the built in resource monitor for windows. Start your EVE-NG lab and look at how much of your ram is being utilized. There may be a way to to use less resources per router but I don't think 12 is enough. I had 12gb on my previous PC and I could only run 3-4 routers at a time without my system starting to freeze. This link well tell you the resources recommended for each node you are interested in deploying. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. - The files I have are protected with PDC but I think you can also buy a pure PDF version of the workbook. It'll have advertisements/logos going through the text. Not really a huge deal breaker but nothing I wanted to look at honestly - I am 1/3 of the way through the workbook but until I have my CCIE:SP I'll be restarting the book every time I finish it - I'm using EVE-NG. I am pretty sure the files provided work with VIRL/EVE/GNS3. It may work with CML as well. I just stick with EVE because I have installed it multiple times on bare chassis and different versions of VMware. I am the type of guy that I want to spend my time studying the actual course material, not troubleshooting the emulation client, the terminal program, compatibility with wireshark, etc. Once I have a setup that works I generally won't deviate unless another program drops some features that I cant ignore - If you purchase the book you will get automatic V5 updates as they are released by the authors. Granted everyone's financial situation is different and things are crazy with covid atm but the SP bundle for $300 is a real solid self investment. Like I told someone else in another thread you really don't have any options. This isn't the R&S track where a handful of vendors are offering course material. For the SP track it's pretty much this book and INE's workbook.
  7. Because they aren't neatly labeled 1 - 100 and I am not going to sit here and count them all for you? How about you buy the workbook and support the authors of a track that barely has any study material as is?
  8. Is anyone running through the labs in this workbook? It'd be nice to go through it with someone to discuss some things I have found along the way and vice versa. Regards.
  9. If you plan to wait for a workbook that covers every aspect of the exam I think you'll be waiting for quite some time assuming the v4 to v5 rollout is similar to the previous v3 to v4 rollout.
  10. There is currently a bundle going on. This workbook + Nick Russo's exam guide for $300 at leanpub. I just bought it last night after being fed up with not having initial lab configs for the Narbik workbook floating around here on the forums and the companies unwillingness to sell the workbook by itself (must enroll in a $4000 bootcamp to get access to the book). [hide][Hidden Content]] I couldn't tell you the specific amount of labs but the workbook is close to 700 pages. With the lack of study materials out there, INE missing topics, Narbik not willing to sell their workbook, CiscoLearningNetwork asking $1000+ for materials that only cover one of the test that make up a certification (example, CCNP SPCOR materials are around 1300 alone and that only includes one of the exam), I felt like $300 was chump change for what I was getting.
  11. Good suggestion. I generally open epub/pdf/etc in my browser so I can have it along side any additional Cisco documentation I've been looking at. Just a convenience thing.
  12. McGraw-Hill 8th edition This is epub format. If you dont have an epub reader download firefox and the epubreader add-on [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. Is it possible to do some sort of drop box on the forums? Say for example I have a box and it Says "R1". When you click it the box would fully open showing the running configuration and when you clicked it again the box would collapse. I'd like to post some troubleshooting questions but don't want people to have to load up 200 lines of configurations every time they open the thread.
  14. Oreilly 2nd edition This is epub format. If you dont have an epub reader download firefox and the epubreader add-on [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. Cyber Ops cert guide 210-255 This is epub format. If you dont have an epub reader download firefox and the epubreader add-on [hide][Hidden Content]]
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