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  1. No one is sharing anything related to NSE5 nor providing details on which vendor might be reliable
  2. Anyone has NSE5 FortiManager or FortiAnalyzer 6.2 ?
  3. Please share the valid/latest one
  4. Anyone has valid dumps for the following? NSE5 FortiAnalyzer? NSE5 FortiManager?
  5. Has anyone recently passed Defender / Sentry or Combined exam recently? If so can you share questions? thank you!
  6. The following is confirmed: 1- Design section has 3 hours slot, even if you complete it earlier you cannot carry over extra time into next section. So implementation section is fixed at 5hours. 2- Design section will have some partial marks to some questions but in implementation you have to "COMPLETE" the task to get any marks. So its Zero or Hero in that section. 3- The lab will use DNAC (custom virtual version) and not the physical appliance. This means that we will be able to get hands on that eventually, we just have to wait. I hope this helps
  7. I agree! It is still few months away, i would say by end of this year we should have something solid.
  8. in addition, there will be only one Topology for whole lab ( Design + Implement ) whatever mess you create in first section you will have to troubleshoot in 2nd section There is no workbook or Topology for v6. So if anyone says he has it is a liar. There is DNAC as well so good luck trying to visualize it. You need a BIG A$$ server just to run that.
  9. The new Lab will have two sections 1- Module 1 = Design (3Hours) 2- Module 2 =Deploy + Operate + Optimize ( 5Hours) So you will design and then implement the solutions. There is no specific trouble shooting section. This is a big change in terms of format.
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