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  1. This is not complete information put scenario image
  2. I reported your comment You don't have a right to say what i can Do I am follower of this Query and also have this right to ask related question under [this] post due to certainly understand the entire content of share material to prevent any misdownloading
  3. Also Thanks too much But, you know that how much can be differ from original size ? it shows 20.83 GB i think its close to original size , IOTH, it includes most of the videos
  4. From My side i am deeply gratitude and thank you But obviously you know that after few downloads because these download center like galaxy does not let to drag such file to own panel so it blocks IP for an hours , Yes,Indeed,All we know how to bypass it as well , But I think if You want all can get them easier please Upload zip it as a 2 parts
  5. for what reasons you separately uploaded file !!!! Dropgalaxy give 100 GB free what will be happened while you uploaded in 1 or for complete Downloading few parts
  6. check how many can successfuly were downloaded your upload file... Easy for You not matter, healthy download and unzipping is matter
  7. Please do not upload this volume in one file Mega does not permit downloading all of it at once Please upload it and split to multi part This cause problem I agree with those can not open it I faced this problem Its logicall 3 gig download for next volume should wait this cause problem Please be care!
  8. Yes, i agree , matter from my side is not promise , i think all memebers realize remarkable value of this forum,However,its undeniable that any copyright materials will be deletes asap ,So Yes we have solutions to keep it at least little bit longer for others . This is fact that companies are not satisfied that anyone release or publish their products due to amount of labor they have done . Anyway , i'm sure propotion of that groups who can not buy are more than those opposite groups Indeed,any FTP or private download center has a cost,and this is not true one or few spend (again this is my opinion) One optimistic solution can be first 10 users import it(if it is uploaded in mega or drive) Then in order re uploaded it again
  9. Hello all, Could any one show a correct path and studying pmp within few months to get it ? Thanks
  10. Yes i heaed about online cisco tools How can use it?should be registered or has cisco official partner acc?
  11. Hi Better than everyone you know that at time(local time) you uploaded material or sharing link,many users not online So possibly 80% loose material and face a dead link Either should think about it(not you) Or other after download respectively re share it Its simple really , first 10 persons or any numbers who success to import and download it re share them again
  12. You really think with khawar butt you can learn technology? What is your purpose? Exam?learn?experience? One of my friend had practiced his ccie Sec V5 ,let me i say how He practiced(watch and practice) all khawar butt's bootcamp videos (last year, 30 days on weekend:ccnp to ccie) + full material INE (mataei+mcgahan+rohit) at last while i asked him around SIMOS he couldn't answer me,about FTD also not able,WSA little and other combination scenario .....i think just remain narbik WB Anyway My suggestion to You is undersatanding technology deeply I promise you after you watch all these precious materials if someone ask you for writing an advance ACL , you may not able to write it .
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