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  1. Could you please share these either? Java SE: Programming I Java SE: Programming II
  2. By any chance do you have videos or materials for followings? Oracle Database 12c: Administration Workshop Oracle BI 12c: Create Analyses and Dashboards Oracle BI 12c: Build Repositories Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure
  3. I'm looking for working video links for Oracle BI, Oracle DWing. and also 4.1 creating package video of the D87462GC11
  4. Thank you kindly. By any chance do you have OU videos related to oracle DB?
  5. Thanks to @u2612, @kurtlock and @guluta2 I've got all the pieces of this course except one related tp creating packages which I've mention below. I'd be much appreciated if anyone who has that video please share it. 4.1 Creating Packages.flv - 361.6 MB
  6. I'd be much appreciated for any videos or course materials for these two official courses
  7. Could anyone please kindly share the course materials and possibly videos for this course please?
  8. I'd be much appreciated for the course materials and specially videos for this course
  9. Could anyone kindly please give a link to videos or course materials for this? Thanks in advance
  10. could you please all these to your list? thanks in adavance Oracle Database: SQL Workshop I (D80190GC20) Oracle Database: SQL Workshop II (D80194GC20) Oracle Database 12c: SQL Tuning for Developers (D79995GC10) Oracle Database 12c: PLSQL Fundamentals (D80182GC10) Oracle Database 12c: Developing PL-SQL Unit(D80170GC10)
  11. Could anyone please share oracle universities' videos for those courses? Thanks in advance
  12. Dear Gupta could you please update links for "Oracle Database Application Development" and "Java and Middleware"? Thank you kindly
  13. Could you please add videos for these? Oracle Data Integrator 12c Integration and Administration (D82167GC10) Oracle Data Integrator 12c Advanced Integration and Development (D87557GC10) Thanks in advance
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