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  1. we dont have pdf for v2 so labs will be harder...
  2. they do 90% of the exercises in mutillidae so just install that...
  3. WTF hiding a public website to convert epub xD the link is [Hidden Content]... hope moderator can unhide linke like that because some of members will have a good reputation just for sharing random website!!!
  4. it contains pdf for MASPT v1 like i already said... dont trust guys like him who sell it on iranian site...
  5. and please credits the author too... thanks red team telegram channel!!!
  6. Why saying not upload it again when you just copy the link from the telegram group lol
  7. the problem here is the forum is victim of his success so hakin9 report file in1-2h after publishing link.
  8. just make an account with an email created for that, and take the trial subscribe you will have all the courses you want... WTF Hackers or ?
  9. Why hiding the official link?? gaining reputation for nothing?? it must be negative reputation for guy like that... the link he shares [Hidden Content]
  10. Ancap13

    AWAE 2019

    lol they dont updated their OSCP course between 2014 and 2020 so you think they update what??? Like always we have guys who want the latest pdf of a courses even if they have the year or months before... dont think they update content every year, they make minor change like a comma...
  11. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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