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  1. Please mention what exactly you need by dropping a link to the course or just the name of the course
  2. Is this the same as the one shared earlier?
  3. Sorry I can't upload to Mega. It works fine with torrent. Give a try. I've already got a lot of infringement mails from MEGA and I am staying low from uploading stuffs to Mega for a while as I don't want to lose the account
  4. If suppose someone plans for it. What is the best way? Is it by enrolling for the full course in INE/Micronics or is it enough to get lab rentals(when videos are available)
  5. Download and install a torrent client like bit torrent /utorrent. Copy paste the magnet link on your browser and hit enter. The torrent client will pick up the link and initiate the download
  6. Mostly it's not in use. It used to be for a while with SMB's but it was greatly replaced by MPLS in its efficiency in Traffic Engineering
  7. For now 760 2016 is circulating around @tester1337
  8. Now Dropgalaxy is showing a Ad-Block detected warning and doesn't allow to download without login. Sick;-(
  9. There are 11 chapters in total and all are there
  10. Import and download to keep it alive for a while [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. I didn't get any trojan. What's the file size? Content inside course_packets are just pcapng files.
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