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  1. Hey, 2017 VIDEO is on torrent - check out for "CERT Collection - 2018 - Video" or the mega link that's shared somewhere else. I'm trying to find the 2017 PDF file though
  2. Thanks a ton sir @pchan. I was looking for this content to upskill myself during COVID. Will help to seed whenever I can after I get them If we could get out hands on SANS 770 it'd be awesome. Sadly, they only recently released the online course
  3. Hi all, I am looking for latest SEC503 PDFs . eg. from year 2016/2017 onwards I see there are 2015 versions out there but would love to get an update. Thank you in advance
  4. Bumping this again. Does anyone know where I can find this VM, especially for year 2017? TYIA
  5. Can anyone re upload the 2016 or latest version please? I have the 2015 version but it seems a little old already Thank you in advance
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