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  1. I didn't post the lab guides for Splunk Fundamentals 1 because it is free if you sign up on the Splunk website. The real value here is for the Splunk Fundamentals 2.
  2. Splunk trainings are usually delivered in-person, which is why it can be challenging to find videos. I personally don't have any videos, but the slides should be enough to pass the exams if you study them well. As for the Splunk version, you can always get a Splunk Enterprise free trial for 30 days and there are cracks online for newest versions. But Splunk Enterprise Security comes as an app that gets installed over your Splunk deployment. The app can be downloaded from the Splunkbase website if you have a license. Unfortunately, I currently do not have a valid license so I can't download it but I'd really appreciate it if someone from the forum could upload it.
  3. The attached zip file contains: Administering Splunk Enterprise Security 5.3 Official PDF. Using Splunk Enterprise Security 5.3 Official PDF. All material is from 2019. Enjoy! The zip file password is my username with the same capitalization. Anonfiles link: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Use the same capitalization as my username...not all capitals.
  5. Anytime! If you liked that, stay tuned.....there's more Splunk material coming
  6. The two certifications are very different. Despite adding new practical items, the CEH is known as a theoretical certificate where it teaches you the theory but doesn't really teach you that much about conducting hacks/pentests. On the other hand, the OSCP is a practical exam where they give you some machines and 24 hours to hack them, similar to HackTheBox and other CTF platforms. The reputation of the CEH certificate has been severely damaged in the industry due to the popularity of its dumps. Many people simply study dumps and go do the exam and pass, making the certificate of little value. However, for the OSCP dumps are useless since it is a practical exam with different machines for different users.
  7. The attached zip file contains: Splunk Fundamentals 1 Official Slides PDF. Splunk Fundamentals 2 Official Slides PDF. Splunk Fundamentals 2 Lab Guide PDF. Splunk Fundamentals 2 Lab Solutions PDF. All material is from 2019. Enjoy! The zip file password is my username with capitalization and everything. Anonfiles link: [hide][Hidden Content]] GoFile link: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Perhaps use a different PDF reader? The file is quite big ~2.5 GB so some PDF readers might not be able to open it. Adobe Reader should be fine. Okular on Linux also works fine. To check if your download is correct, you can check the file hash. For me, it is: MD5: 5632c087a607ec4699a301069f9ac7e0 SHA1: 1b92bc1493b00b28578ca9d48de49c6047b4332a
  9. There is already a high quality PDF of CEHv10 uploaded on the forums though. Maybe until next year we could connect so you get the method ;)
  10. I'll share the process with you if you have some interesting material to share with us from Vitallsource
  11. Happy to help! Here's a MEGA mirror for anyone who prefers MEGA. PLEASE import then download as this upload is on a free MEGA account. [hide][Hidden Content]] Here's an Anonfiles mirror as well: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. I only have an old version of Splunk ES material :( Splunk ES 4. Not sure it's very relevant now since latest version is 6
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