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  1. in acl , , is all all network in 172.16.x.x range , but it s written in the question as this is x.x.x.x I mean this is x.x.x.x all networks so c is correct I think
  2. hi all in an acl , what is the meaning of this ? all networks ? any ideas ?
  3. Hi please be carrefull about the acl subnet mask it is not written wildcardmask , so ı think C is correct
  4. Hi I think there are 5 or more invalid questions , did you pass with 9xx or 8xx points ? I will enter this exam in 4 days ı think
  5. hi anyone passed with the 115 q dump ?
  6. Hi can you please share 300-715 SISE dumps ?
  7. Hi can you please share 300-730 SVPN dumps ?
  8. hi is the dump valid ? anyone got this exam ?
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