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  1. Guys, I have cleared my google drive as I need it for something else now, The folders are dead now. I said 5 days ago that I would only be able to share for a couple of days (I dont more than a couple). So anyone who has downloaded them, they should be able to Re-Share it. Over 70 people downloaded the content, so If no one Re-Shares it then I have lost confidence with the forum members, and will not be sharing anymore. Thanks
  2. Sorry Guys, the only one i seem to not have is the PAN bundle.
  3. Sorry Guys, That seems to be the one Series from Lab Minutes that I don't have. If anyone gets it, be sure to let me know
  4. This link has the SD - Access and SD Wan content also. Same applies though, I can only have it up for a day or so. Enjoy Guys, please Re-Share
  5. Lab Minutes - SD Access and SD- WAN (basic and Advanced) - ACI basic and Advanced [Hidden Content] Hey, some guys were asking for the SD stuff from Lab Minutes, This link will be active for a day or two (I cannot keep it on my google drive as i need to space), please download and re-share. ------------------------------ # Hide Tag while posting download links Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). ------------------------------
  6. I Will be clearing this Drive account out to put other stuff on it but I will leave this up for a day or two so please download and re-share by another means to help others out too. I # Board Rules: Share Section Rules // Read before posting Suggestions for a friendly, easy to navigate forum - paragraph #22 // Hide your download links # Hide Tag while posting download links Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces).
  7. Hey Guys, I managed to get a hold of the Lab Minutes ACI bundle from a friend and it has the missing videos, I can make the link available via my Google Drive for a short time if anyone needs them?
  8. Thanks, This is e.. - Unfort, there are a few videos missing form the Basic one, which is a shame.
  9. Thanks dude!! - There are a few videos missing, do you happen to have them ? I think its may be 9, 10 and 11 RAR files that are missing
  10. Can someone please share
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