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  1. Hello all, Regarding the new SVPN certification exam of Cisco does anyone have any proper workbooks or study suggestions? Thanks, iamCrypto0
  2. We`ve got a mole in our midst. Link taken down by [email protected] . @mavis Hey mavis if user found in database please ban
  3. @sqbl5430 Sorry Netacad doesn`t offer these courses. We`ve got a mole in our midst. Link taken down by [email protected] . @mavis Hey mavis if user found in database please ban
  4. Nah You can study the PDF and you can backup your answers via VCEGuide. All questions are there as well.
  5. Hello all, I would like to share the Fortigate NSE4 Security Guide and Enterprise Guide as well as the PDF and ETE File. Beware n the ETE file like 10 questions may be wrong which are correct on the PDF. Passed the Exam Today max Score. There are some new questions but pretty easy and logical I would say. Please do your own research to learn the logic behind the answer. Knowledge before Certification. [Hidden Content] Decryption key: REUQJBLwW9QGEdwhoQ_85w Thank You and good luck! Yours, iamCrypto0
  6. Hello @sqbl5430...The ENCOR material is shared in another post like a month and half ago
  7. [Hidden Content] Above you can find the CCNA Materials. Below you can find the CCNP Enterprise ENARSI Materials. [Hidden Content]
  8. Hello again, I am sharing below the CCNA Module 1-2-3 literature in PPTX, lab files for student and instructor as well as CCNA V7 Bridging to help you transition from old CCNA Route&Switch to the new CCNA. ITN v7 - Introduction to Networks [Hidden Content] Decryption key is: FmlUn41OmR77Emy-croc-A ENSA V7 - Enterprise Networking,Security and Automation [Hidden Content] Decryption key is: YOL_w-mDQk4DU-Pe0Sis8A SRWE v7 - Switching,Routing, and Wireless Essentials [Hidden Content] Decryption key is: gcRihCjyExWPnx8tWVp2LA CCNA V7 -Bridging [Hidden Content] Decryption key is: LrkIY3X1wK_i9VJPcI6FhA Hope you enjoy them Thank You, iamCrypto0
  9. Hello everyone, Hope you are doing well and sorry for the delay.I am sharing with you today the official Networking Academy Files which consists on the Official Powerpoint Presentations as an Instructor as well as the Lab Files downloaded from NetAcad for the Enterprise Advance Routing Certification. Link and Decryption key as below: [Hidden Content] Decryption key is: si1NJGkutcJLkBD-MYLD1Q Have fun & Enjoy
  10. Hello all, I will share today new CCNA Material as well as CCNP ENARSI Netacad Materials. Thanks for being patient
  11. Hello all, I had the exam today instead of Thursday. 102Q Dump valid passed 96x/1000. Below will also be the ETE and PDF updated file with the new questions for your own studies. CCNP SCOR.pdf 350-701.ete Btw does someone have valid SNCF Dumps? Thanks, iamCrypto0
  12. Hi all, I will take the exam on Thursday. I will keep you updated after exam
  13. Hello all, I am looking for IKEV2 IPsec Virtual Private Networks: Understanding And Deploying IKEv2, IPsec VPNs, And FlexVPN in Cisco IOS and possibly the The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide. Does anyone have them? Thanks You in advance!
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