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  1. I completely understand and share your sentiments about Brian M's ineffective style and delivery. I am preparing for Cisco DEVNET Associate exam, and this Knox Hutchinson guy in the CBT Nugget's DEVASC course is so terrible. If you have an interest or get a chance to sample, try courses by Travis Bonfigli (MPLS and Automation, among other topics) and Heath Adams (Pentesting / OSCP) (both on and off INE.) Great content and delivery, in my opinion. Likewise, James McGoven on CBT Nuggets is great (for Python and Automation.)
  2. Good thing you (and the rest of us here) did not have to pay for any of this.
  3. @dgrissom how did you trick the system to bypass the download limitations ?
  4. I received the physical DEVASC book a couple of weeks ago. Its orderable on ciscopress.com. It is also available on Safari, for a few weeks now. SD WAN book appeared on Safari even earlier. Last but not the last, PDF and EPUB versions of DEVASC book were also shared here on CC.
  5. Tell us about what you are doing, and we may be able to help you. Assuming you are able to download - Include steps that you are doing after download.
  6. I am guessing that ES is a typo and requestor meant EX. Echoing what kechik also said, I'd suggest giving vQFX a try.
  7. Sorry, I do not know of a workaround. I just re-shared (what someone else shared earlier) because several others reported problem with downloading.
  8. I uploaded, under a new / different post (as this post was originally about 101 labs not VCE.) [Hidden Content]
  9. I was able to download and install. Program runs fine for me. Of course this is not what the OP requested, but I appreciate the share.
  10. Folks, please be aware that PNET labs in a unsupported port/copy of the EVE-NG. You do not have to take my word for it, you can check yourself using [email protected] (email address from EVE-NG website), or hit Uldis Dzerkals (Even-NG CEO) on LinkedIn etc. More seriously, be aware that if / when you install PNET Labs software it will create malware-type backdoor channels to their site. Again, put wireshark on network traffic and see for your self. After you install it PNET Labs will try to sell you images and labs. That is their "business" model. Give it a try and see for yourself.
  11. Thanks for sharing, but the anonfiles.com site has never worked for me - and apparently for some others too.
  12. What is Comptia ? Do you have a valid dump for that ?
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