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  1. Aah. I managed to login and check the streaming now. Interesting .Lot of companies seem to use on24. . I tried to record some other training using a screen recorder.
  2. lovely . Thanks. I was getting a bit curious about mist. ;). Lets hope I get hands on solution at some point.
  3. I think 16.a might just be correction of errata in 15.b. The utmost you will be looking at is addition of possible chapter or topic. which may not be the case. ? Do look at chapters & current offical course of Juniper recommendation for training to figure this bit out . [Hidden Content] Networks Design Fundamentals (JNDF).pdf Nope, I don't have JNCIA-SEC. JUNOS Genius has 25 hours of JNCIA-SEC training in there to get through the topics .
  4. +1 . I'm interested too. I missed out to attend the summit
  5. I have 15.b. Here, it is. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. I'm looking for below Juniper course. Can anyone help ? . JSM - 18.a [Hidden Content] JCOS - 16.a [Hidden Content] Also looking for NAEC. Network Automation in the Enterprise Cloud (NAEC) I'm aware that the courseware is on Vitalsource Bookshelf . If you have it online on Vitalbookshelf; do reach out to me, I may have few ideas for extraction ;).
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