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  1. is the cracked 4.0 version only for linux?
  2. Tell me which one you want, because its hard to upload due to the unstable connection of the site. It sometimes reset my connection. Its hard for me to upload many courses at once.
  3. but if idk what platform i can use to upload so large files
  4. I tried auinage.com it just let me upload like 500MB , also my mega is almost full ,can’t store it, any other?
  5. anyone know some platform to upload to? i tried many, either it dont let me transfer too large data or when im uploading it reset my connection
  6. SANS SEC503 have pdf and video however no vms/usbs, do you want it? video is 2018
  7. I want to share these resources, but I have no idea where to upload that much of files (150 GB+) at once. If anyone want the courses listed, comment below and tell me which courses you want, I will upload if many users request on a particular course. Knowledge is free. Try harder! Here is some SANS course requested by you guys in comment [hide][Hidden Content]]
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