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  1. I didn't upload it. When I did it has 110 Seeders and 51 Peers.
  2. [hide][Hidden Content]] Please try fix this share. No one seems successful in downloading it. Thank you
  3. Alright I figured out how to Download. ). Install Telegram Desktop 2. Click View In Telegram. 3. DO NOT CLICK JOIN CHANNEL!!! 4. Instead Click on Files on the Right, as shown in image below: Copy/Paste url to view image. 5. Scroll Down and you should see Bro Scripting. Click and it will download. Copy/Paste url below to view image. After you download all 6 RAR files, they should be saved in your Downloads/Telegram Desktop folder.
  4. I only see one course called OsQuery?
  5. No, but here is a free premium link generator: [Hidden Content] Here is a list of Premium generator sites. Go to R for rapidshare and N for Mitroflare. [Hidden Content]
  6. I use FoxLeech, but their Rapidgator service is currently down. When it's up il upload to gdrive.
  7. You need to use Java 8 v 251 to run them. Read how to choose Java version to load: [Hidden Content]
  8. Yeah, and then he can blackmail you anytime he wants by saying he took the exam for you. He has your LinkedIn and can see who your future employers are.
  9. ALERT Malicious File - High Probability - 68% Details: Deep Malware Analysis by Joe Sandbox says the Player_Magic.exe is Malicious. It has Input Capture, ( Can capture keystrokes). It collects Clipboard Data. Creates a hidden Hide500Users command. Full Deep Analysis Report ( Thanks Friend!) [Hidden Content] If you want to use it, PLEASE do the following. 1. Use it in a VM 2. Install Keyscrambler to prevent keylogging . 3. Disconnect from Ethernet. Unplug Ethernet Cable. Hashes: MD5: 815e844036968b5b5422237db50b1e8c SHA1: 4cab1e81b8d00a53a2fa56f311d702b1074200e4 SHA256: beddcc2e92822d7d32d658a97c5b4c6eee396ab692f51cd06f9e1aa79d20940c
  10. Wow, this is quite the hidden gem! They even have security talks from 2020! Link still works. Make sure to use a VPN if you download material.
  11. The only files you need from the cracked zip. burpsuite_pro_v2020.5.jar Loader.jar (hidden) Dr.FarFar.jar (hidden) You start Burpsuite by clicking Loader,jar. You can delete all the other files in the cracked zip.
  12. Request to change my username to Battle Droid. If not available, Battle_Droid or _Battle Droid works for me. Thank you in advance!
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