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  1. There was discount on pre-launch however only $10 discount. You can wait until TCM release another discount code. Anyways make sure you leak like all the videos tho. I see some courses where people just leak half of it , like fucking come on man do it full at least.
  2. Help out and leak the course ?
  3. Yo can someone leak this course? [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] It's TCM's OSINT course. I could have purchased it on pre-launch , my bad. Maybe I'll wait for a huge discount code or you guys can be kind souls have someone leak this.
  4. Its nothing much in there from what I can say. People mostly stay for the huge market place at least that's what we do.
  5. If I am not mistaken it was dumped on another forum tho. But i am not sure if these are real or not. Might be fake ones.
  6. Nothing to see here, just following forum rules.
  7. Just browse it to be honest. These courses from udemy especially the darknet ain't promising but pretty skiddish stuff tbh lol.
  8. pizzaahr3

    VMware Education

    Does this provide some sort of certification?
  9. I doubt people gona share the report. The exam is random btw. So the boxes won't different much.
  10. Skip the OSWP my man , just head for OSCP will be much better to be honest.
  11. Lol this forum is already full of resources my man.
  12. If you can share the answers then that's even better dawg!
  13. Is always worth it if you have the full report answers
  14. Yes you are right. That's why I am in the same boat as you. I am not going waste time on small CTFish stuff to be honest. I know elearn exams are real world but sometimes they make it very weird.
  15. Yo brother , thanks man. How did you find this forum? Curious.
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