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  1. Just found Two PCCSA DUMPS files via surfing, Some One kindly confirm its validity and correctness. [Hidden Content]
  2. Below is complete course videos for CCNP Security for new syllabus ... CCNP Security 300-71x5 SISE CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-735 SAUTO CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-725 SWSA CIsco Learning Network Video [hide][Hidden Content]] CCNP Security 300-720 SESA CIsco Learning Network Video [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. CBT Nuggets - Cisco CCNP Automating Enterprise Solutions (300-435 ENAUTO) Google Drive Link : [hide][Hidden Content]] TITLE VIDEOS TRAINERS RELEASED Implement Source Control with Git 9 Ben Finkel 04/24/2020 Collaborate with Git 6 Ben Finkel 12/12/2019 Describe Characteristics of API Styles 6 Ben Finkel 04/24/2020 Understand the Challenges of Consuming APIs 6 Ben Finkel 04/24/2020 Interpret Python Scripts 10 Ben Finkel 04/24/2020 Python Virtual Environments 6 Ben Finkel 04/24/2020 Configuration Management for IOS XE 6 Ben Finkel 04/24/2020 Understand and Explore Data Models 6 Knox Hutchinson 04/24/2020 Automate Cisco IOS-XE Devices with Netconf 7 Knox Hutchinson 04/24/2020 Automate IOS-XE Devices with Restconf 7 Knox Hutchinson 04/24/2020 Other Automation Techniques for Cisco IOS-XE Devices 7 Knox Hutchinson 04/24/2020 SD-Access Automation with DNA Center Platform 7 Knox Hutchinson 04/27/2020 Deeper Automation Techniques with DNA Center Platform 6 Knox Hutchinson 04/27/2020 Automating with the SD-WAN vManage API 7 Knox Hutchinson 04/27/2020 Deeper Automation with the vManage API 7 Knox Hutchinson 04/27/2020 Develop for the Meraki Dashboard API and Webhooks 8 Knox Hutchinson 04/27/2020 Deploy a Python Azure Function App with VS Code 6 Knox Hutchinson 01/22/2020 Implement the Meraki Location Scanning API 6 Knox Hutchinson 04/27/2020 Deploy the Meraki Captive Portal API 7 Knox Hutchinson 04/27/2020 Automate Cisco Meraki Security Cameras with MV Sense API 6 Knox Hutchinson
  4. Below you can have it , kindly Visit.. no need to hide a link that points to a cercollection.org forum post !!!
  5. CBT Nuggets Palo Alto Basic Configuration Keith Barker covers the setup and basic configuration of the Palo Alto Networks Firewall, including interfaces, zones, and many details about security policies. Keith focuses on understanding the concepts, being familiar with best practices, and knowing appropriate information to enable you to work toward the Palo Alto Networks ACE or PCNSE exams. Palo Alto Networks is an up-and-coming locator in the network security arena, featuring a great next-generation firewall. This vendor is cropping up in more and more areas, so make sure you are on top of your network security game, and know the details of installation and configuration! Stepping through the concepts and necessary configuration details, new or seasoned engineers will be able to take the information learned and be able to comfortably implement a Palo Alto Firewall into their network. The concepts and techniques taught in this course apply to both physical and virtual firewalls. Thanks to @KhaledIT [hide][Hidden Content]] CBT Nuggets Palo Alto Advanced Features This training course with Keith Barker will teach you how to use advanced features on a Palo Alto next-generation firewall. Learn about App-ID, URL filtering, antivirus, SSL decryption, User-ID, and more. Thanks to @ukirukuk [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Find the direct links as below [Hidden Content]
  7. RouteHub - Fortinet Fortigate Firewall Training [Hidden Content]
  8. Intro to Shellcode Analysis: Tools and Techniques Frequently in malware investigations, we come across shellcode used after exploiting a vulnerability or being injected into a process. In this webcast, we'll look at some of the tools and techniques the malware analyst can use to start investigating what the shellcode is attempting to do. Speaker Bio Jim Clausing is a SANS instructor for SANS FOR610: Reverse-Engineering Malware: Malware Analysis Tools and Techniques with nearly 40 years of experience in the IT field including systems and database administration, security, and research in parallel processing and distributed systems. He's spent the past 20 years as a technical consultant and network security architect for AT&T doing malware analysis, forensics, incident response, intrusion detection, system hardening, and botnet tracking. File Password : [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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