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  1. Please confirm pl 167q (p-d-f) on the live 303 exam. Post it if possible.
  2. Drunkmonk, I know this is a big ask and posdibly in the wrong place... but I have heard the 80q p.leader 300-420 ensld is valid. Would you possibly be able to share that? I appreciate you monk!
  3. Qqc, thank you, it will be a great help!
  4. I am down to help correct files you share, I was busy with work the past few days @helonepe. Back for a bit now. The typical good one is pa s s leader.
  5. Drunkmonk do you have the 299q az304?
  6. Drunkmonk ty for before also do you have the pl 299q for az304?
  7. Okay we all must ignore the 128q, maybe a full one in will be ready by December. Thanks for the effort monk, also if you get that 299q 304 let us know.
  8. I thought beta testing ended back on August 10th, is the 128q is not valid @voodai ? Also @drunkmonk do you have the 299q 304 pdf? You all are very helpful! Someone please confirm the validity of the 128q.
  9. PL just updated to 194q, but from what I heard more than 10 questions should be added/ changed so take that witha grain of salt. I guess the question now is does anyone have/is willing to share it?
  10. Seriously does anyone have the 101 question pdf for 300-410, if so please share.
  11. Netteaser2020 please post the 80q dump and I will go through and make need corrections. It would really benifit everyone.
  12. Anyone have the updated dumps? Have not seen any sites with it yet.
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