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  1. My score was well over 900, check the comments I made earlier in this topic.
  2. By "this file" you mean the one that is sent from vceguides.com premium dump? You took the 6.0 exam not 6.2, correct? I also don't see a comments section there: [Hidden Content] There is one on examcollection maybe you meant them? [Hidden Content] File seems quite old there though but people (hopefully not examcollection employees) say it's still valid which stuns me - an exam not touched for 1 year by Fortinet!
  3. Reading Jeff Doyle's books now, they are stunning!
  4. Passed with flying colours a few days ago. All exams from the dump shared here but a few new answers here and there. It was all logical so no worries if you've studied the dump hard and validated the answers:
  5. Do you mean this one? [Hidden Content] Did you use the paid (premium) dump? Also, when you say questions are taken straight from their website I guess you mean these two links? [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. I'm also preparing for the exam. PM me please so that we can brainstorm. For some reason I can't send a PM?!?
  7. How do you perform packet capture on the ESXi host? I'd also ask about FW rules on ESXi level
  8. B) It's a bit vague but I think you are right: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] C) - you are correct
  9. I'm not convinced Azure Storage is IaaS. You don't have access to the SAN management functions - patching, backing up, basic config settings. You can only configure replication, that's it. For me this is PaaS.
  10. I think you are wrong again: [Hidden Content]
  11. Found it, here is a magnet URL: [Hidden Content]
  12. Accounts are free, dump is correct: [Hidden Content]
  13. Dump is correct, watch this video:
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