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  1. Price for NSE7, method of payment and most importantly - how do we verify voucher is legit prior to payment?
  2. They are massive inaccurate. I'm surprised by the comments here. Q43 - is this the Chinese Dumps or Dumps Collection? I haven't compared the 2 yet but next week hopefully I'll get my shit together and study for this exam.
  3. It is. Pearson VUE on-line system is a pain in the ass though. Prepare for surprises with payments, login, validation, etc. and login as early as possible (I think they allow 30 mins prior the exam). Can you share which questions you think have incorrect answers?
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Did you foolproof the dumps? Many wrong answers?
  5. See here bro: Let me know your test result
  6. Dump not tested, please report whether it's valid. [hide][Hidden Content]] The guy that gave it to me claims he passed with it but who knows.
  7. See this: Use it on a VM only.
  8. My score was well over 900, check the comments I made earlier in this topic.
  9. By "this file" you mean the one that is sent from vceguides.com premium dump? You took the 6.0 exam not 6.2, correct? I also don't see a comments section there: [Hidden Content] There is one on examcollection maybe you meant them? [Hidden Content] File seems quite old there though but people (hopefully not examcollection employees) say it's still valid which stuns me - an exam not touched for 1 year by Fortinet!
  10. Passed with flying colours a few days ago. All exams from the dump shared here but a few new answers here and there. It was all logical so no worries if you've studied the dump hard and validated the answers:
  11. Do you mean this one? [Hidden Content] Did you use the paid (premium) dump? Also, when you say questions are taken straight from their website I guess you mean these two links? [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. I'm also preparing for the exam. PM me please so that we can brainstorm. For some reason I can't send a PM?!?
  13. How do you perform packet capture on the ESXi host? I'd also ask about FW rules on ESXi level
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