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  1. hey buddy, i really appreciate you kindness. But, most folders are empty unfortunately.
  2. hey bud @Deathdodger i did it. thanks for seeding , really ;D
  3. i got stock on 80% for Brucon. Please keep seeding. @Deathdodger . Finishing here i can help other by seeding it too. Thanks again budd.
  4. @Deathdodger hey buddy, sorry bother you , but did you stop seeding? my download got stuck on 36 %.
  5. please keep seeding the turrents. Specially the Brucon. @Deathdodger
  6. thanks bud, but there is no audio =//
  7. @delideli12345 hey buddy, can you upload on mega? pls? or gdrive? i really appreciate it
  8. did u like this course? thanks you alot by the way
  9. @rvasquezgt hey bud, do u have sans pdf? waptv3 videos? pls, looking forward to you reply.
  10. plss! i really need pdf for 564 and 560! pls pls, can you reupload? link is not working
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