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  1. Why did you not just share it instead of teasing
  2. Sorry moderator posted in wrong section can move req please
  3. Looking for this course the other 2 by this author are excellent [Hidden Content]
  4. just what i been waiting for i searched everywhere this guy had some good youtube videos so its well worth a look he has 3 other series too
  5. please reshare this excellent course another great course from same author Recon for Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty
  6. Yes the new pentester academy fits this bill Secondly if you cant download the whole Sektor7 courses guys maybe this course is not for you Research a little and its easy
  7. Get off your high horse mate not everybody has to share everything the problem wit this site is their is way too many leechers who NEVER give anything in return download everything and NEVER seed it Secondly nobody like a grass
  8. Its the order i done it Cybernetics is too new and has problems was quite annoying
  9. The course is also entirely based on Covenant i learned a lot of things but still found rastalabs better however this course is indeed superior to the Spectorops course which was excllusively Cobalt strike and quite boring My tips from doing all of them Rastalabs Offshore Cybernetics Pentester acad Global central bank (rock hard) Does anyone have the pentester lab AD linux course
  10. My last word on this is that this is indeed an expensive course and is almost identical to Rastalabs HTB which is cheaper
  11. what good is the lab docs without the lab you guys download anything for the sake of it Pay for the lab
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