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  1. Hello, I need a voucher for Cisco 200-301 exam valid in europe.
  2. What app do you use for the exam file????
  3. Hello, since I use VLC for playing video, and since VLC doesn't support subtitles on the most popular .ts video that we find in the forum, can someone please share the entire course in mp4 format?? Thanks.
  4. Someone have this course in mp4 format other than ts??? Please share!!!!
  5. So what method did you use??? I need it too.
  6. Works fine. Just tested!!!! What problem do you have???
  7. The chapter about "Configure and Verify First Hop Redundancy Protocols (FHRP)" is missing....
  8. Here it is the subtitles: [Hidden Content] Now, please share with us the subtitles converted in srt!!!!
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