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  1. Hi admins I want to remove my account Van you please delete it
  2. @its_n00bie_here can you help dude to make a mega of it ? because it only the you we can trust
  3. Did what you think is good forget these people Some of them is collector collect 1tb and watch 1 mb However i remove your tension of uploading by giving a link that have everything you share
  4. Error Drive Index - TD Bot Uploads - /Mirror Bot Upload/Sektor7 - RED TEAM Operator/ (rxt.workers.dev)
  5. When you do please make a new torrent
  6. Ok got it go make a sweet torrent
  7. Which did course did you refer or courses ? Why didnt you make a torrent for all the courses?
  8. What did you mean Which course did you refer or courses
  9. Why you didnt make a single torrent for all the courses
  10. Before torrent please download material from telegram group One tip Dont use direct download bot Telegram also take the same seed as idm takes Download one by one
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