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  1. Cyber Man


    did you upload all the SANS_SEC504 things that you have ? if you got any new version let us know ! or didn't you have SANS_SEC504 usb ? if you have please share with us keep rocking everyone
  2. Cyber Man


    please share those i need those 401
  3. Cyber Man


    did you have SANS_SEC401
  4. HI everyone i need SANS_SEC401 pdf or videos or anything if you have anything of SANS_SEC401 then please share it with me
  5. @kaiz3r i need some courses if you share with us it helps us alot specially me please upload that course SANS_SEC401 SANS_SEC545 SANS_SEC552 SANS_ICS410 etc (industrial control systems) videos and pdf if you have anything share with us also python for pentester i need these courses if you share it with us it helps us alot
  6. hi did anyone have SANS 552 videos or pdf ? please share it with me i need this
  7. ok no problem at least you have more strong internet connection then mine 400kb/s
  8. Cyber Man


    can you make a torrent of all these files ?
  9. which year are these and these includes that pdf and videos and vm if yes which year ?
  10. Cyber Man


    did you have any SANS_ICS and python for offensive type of course?
  11. your courses stop at 98 or 99 on auimage if you upload on gofile that will help us
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