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  1. amma

    CCIE DC Written

    Team is the above one still valid , i mean the 100 questions....please help i already failed once 3 months back....
  2. Hi mahi020880 can you please share me the info on dumps for VCP-DCV 5.5 , i am planning to gove it two weeks from now.... please help me
  3. amma

    Cleared SP Lab TODAY

    0x516e, #. For VPLS did you configure anything other than the following on the XR. Do we need to configure a pw-class under l2vpn? and call it under the neighbor statement. Please let me know. I think none of them got the VPLS working neither on practice nor on the real LAB. interface GigabitEthernet0/9/0/2.123 l2transport dot1q vlan 123 l2vpn bridge group BG_24 bridge-domain BD_24 int GigabitEthernet0/9/0/2.123 ! vfi 24 neighbor pw-id 24
  4. amma

    Cleared SP Lab TODAY

    Just to add to the above questions. On VPLS do you remember what you really did configure on XR and the switches. I gave the LAB recently and failed. The least score was for section4. I am 100 % sure HDLC and L2tpv3 did work well for me. Only VPLS I was not able to do the pseudo wire ping, but I still doubt on the configs. By the way I got ISIS lab.
  5. amma

    Cleared SP Lab TODAY

    Hi 0x516e .. congrats. " 1.11, Mpls TE Link protection, I haven't configure autoroute announce, but mpls traffic-eng re event linkup instead." what did you mean by mpls traffic-eng reevent linkup ? can you please elaborate. 1.13 I think you just need to declare R20 as level-1 you needn't explicitly make the links level-1 please correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Hi Amit.., Congrats, even i face the same issue pointed by dodidi . can you please help. My exams are sheduled next week.
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