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  1. This mega link! credit go to first sharer! [Hidden Content]
  2. here is mega link which include (extracted file and original file from the first uploader) all credit go to first uploader [Hidden Content]
  3. I have updated new link with full entire course download directly from udemy
  4. Linux Privilege Escalation for Beginners by TheCyberMentor [mega] [Hidden Content]
  5. lol did I said i am the owner of this course or take any credit with course? lol do you read what I wrote? I wrote: uploaded that course to mega!!! other guy is upload to the site that have a 100kps download speed I don't have enough time to download but instead I have linksnappy[.]com account that allow me to download that course with height speed I even complete watch all that video course before he uploading already but when I saw he put the link with slow speed download so I upload to mega for height speed I don't want to think but look like you are that guy maybe I'm broke your PPD money making? huh respect if you talk about respect why not respect to the course owner who is the real owner hahha again before he put that link I already told that I have that course already why he still put that slow link? so it mean he want to help people so I want to help people with mega link that is fast download speed or can import and click and play no need to download extract. is that what I do is wrong then what is wrong with you? Did you share thing with forum yet? lol again when i request that course I request mega or gDrive link because that time I didn't have linksnappy[.]com account yet but after wait a few day and no luck so I decide to spend my own money dude and again to proof that I can download rapidgator premium member only file you can go and find any or upload your own file and set it as allow only premium member to download that file only I will drop a mega link for that file. You can try now I will spend my Sunday with you!!!!
  6. during my lunch break time I uploaded this course to mega for you [Hidden Content]
  7. I have been looking for that long time ago maybe more than 20 year now you said I need to wait more 10 years? sad life
  8. well job bro I'm waiting for download
  9. Yes you right I think only idiot will buy it but if you have some brain you will joke
  10. Hi guy I'm looking for this course [Hidden Content] kindly share even rapidgator thanks
  11. maybe Hackin9 employee is a member here hahaha that why hackin9 link really fast report hahha
  12. Here new mega link credit go to first uploader [Hidden Content]
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