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  1. Could you help to share again ? The link is dead Thank you
  2. Can someone help to share SANS 500 USB files ? Thank you
  3. Thanks for sharing. While import, MEGA prompts that 1152 of 1187 items imported successfully. Seems eARES v1.2 missed some files
  4. Thanks for update, just tried, files not exist for below two: SANS - SEC504 v2016 USB SANS - SEC660 v2018 USB
  5. Seems PDFs are incomplete, is there full version of PDF?
  6. It's very good sharing The SEC660 USB, SEC504 PDF / Video / USB do not exist, kindly help to reupload
  7. I found this video for how to share files in Google drive, hope can help you on this
  8. This course aims to teach student's about the importance of programming within Python when combined with penetration testing. No prior knowledge of Python or penetration is required as the course covers some of the fundamentals required within the Python language as well as explanations of what penetration testing is and examples of the stages used within a penetration test. Within the latter part of this course Python programming and penetration testing is combined with the student learning to create their own penetration testing programs, with the aim of the student gaining a deep understanding of how these programs work as opposed to blindly running off the shelf penetration testing programs. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. This is not magnet link, no track server. You need to use Resilio Sync to download. If you are not able to download via Resilio Sync, then need to check your firewall setting. It is still active
  10. Please wait for sync complete, then you can see USB file. It's quite large, so need to take a while
  11. This package contains PDF, Video and USB, it's about 68GB Download and install Resilio Sync first: [Hidden Content] Anyone who finish sync, please keep seeding for others rather than exit Resilio Sync, thanks
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