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  1. hi lads, anyone have found the ccsm training?
  2. Hello folks, I'm going to renew my CCSE R80 trying to pass the CCSM exam. Maybe I'm going to go for the official training but in the meantime I was wondering which is the most reliable dump vendor in the market. Do anyone of you have passed the exam? which material have you used? which dump do you suggest? Best of all!
  3. Hello otongcp, thanks for your answer. may I ask you when have you taken the exam? did you have found new answers compared to the Giovanni's file?
  4. Hello Folks and Giovanni, anyone knows if the Giovanni's dump file is still valid? I'm planning the exam for the next week. Please let me know if you can. Best, Massimo
  5. Hi guys, I'm currently preparing this exam and I'm trying to figure out if could be a good idea to apply for the networktut premium access but I can't understand if this pass will also provide the full list of MCQ. Do anyone of you have idea of that? Other than that I'm wondering if buy the passleader dump 211q will give more chance to pass the exam easily. any suggestions?
  6. Hi Guys, anyone of you have the dump in subject?
  7. Hello guys and thx to revert my answer. I have already tried to search for the tshoot exam dump here on the forum I can't find it. anyone have a clue on how/where to get it?
  8. thanks moonlight12 I going to keep an eye on that thread.
  9. Hi all Guys! In the next few week I should recertify all my CCNP level certs. I don't have the chance to study but just I would like pass any 300-*** exam is the easiest and quickest way possible. Which exam do you suggest? is there any dump that 100% covering an 300-*** exam? I really would like (even if I hate it) to read and memorize questions and answers and pass it!! Thanks in advance for your help. Best
  10. hi there? any chance to get in?
  11. hi guys, any chances to get in?
  12. no way other than shot a pic from your mobile. ... as far as I know ... .: CCSE exam is officially out on vue.com
  13. just a quick follow up. I guess to pass the exam are enough to study on : CP_R80BC_Firewall_GettingStartedGuide.pdf CP_R80_Gaia_InstallationAndUpgradeGuide.pdf both files are part of the official conf guide on the CP portal.
  14. Hiya Lads, I'm just back from the testing center and I've passed the CCSAR80 with 75% over a 70% of passing score. questions are 100 to be accomplished in 90 minutes. This dump below just contain 20% of the total questions. [Hidden Content] DON'T RELAY ON DUMP! let go ahead with the CCSER80 study... best of all
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