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  1. @pchan What torrent site did you use to share this torrent with? Or did you create a private torrent to share from your own PC? If latter, did you configure torrent client with VPS and do you have a static IP? I am looking into most optimal way to replace mega.nz with torretns.
  2. Imagine downloading $10,000 in courses, but end up watching OALabs instead.
  3. |ink refreshed [Hidden Content]
  4. Takes over an hour to upload:D
  5. I'll try to find a suitable torrent tracker tomorrow, getting sick of this mega bs, don't know why this community likes mega so much. Maybe due to fast imports but that didn't save my files the last time they got deleted from the shared account. Feel free to suggest a torrent site.
  6. updated [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. I am not making a case that raid is trusted or not. I am just saying that getting infected by a video file with any modern and updated video player is imho highly unlikely. And if it was easy, there would be a lot more exploits and that would cause player developers to update faster and on and on it goes… I agree that most just collect courses. I collect a few as well but the ones I really wanted I still didn’t get and probably wont and will have to buy them or wait a long time that the inner circles share them. Most of these expensive coursers were a bit disappointing so far. There is a very big lack of quality base knowledge video courses about OS, memory, debugging, reading disassembly. Most just showcase the newest and coolest hacking app/framework and if noobs watch this, they/we learn absolutely nothing. So far I got way more knowledge from books than any video course on this topic but I wish this was not the case because a decent book takes me >100 hours to get through.
  8. It is easier to find and understand when you know for sure there is a malware in a video file, than looking for one in every video. If it was easy, these forums, including this one, would all be infested with such types of malware. Because 99/100 who download videos, they hit play, even security analysts. We would have pandemic:D That is why I ask for a malware packed in say mp4 file, that will manage to infect my VM when played with the latest VLC for example. I just find that extremely unlikely, but I am a noob so idk.
  9. Can you post a sample please? If it is that common, surely you can get us a sample to analyze. Looking for a malicious video file specifically, not executables.
  10. More like security apprentice at best lol.
  11. [hide][Hidden Content]] Updated.
  12. [Hidden Content] It is not complete course! Just chapter one and 1 video form other chapters. 2 rapidgator links, that is doable even without account. Just skip this one man, when you start you'll see the videos are dated and production value is very low. Includes also nonnative speakers who are hard to understand sometimes. Explanations are oversimplified. A book for undergraduate CS would be better at this point, the video isn't suitable for real beginners.
  13. For GB visit the Group Buy section. Strictly NO GB related discussions / initiations under this thread. To start a GB, go to the Group Buy section, read the pinned GB rules topic, create a new GB topic and wait for approval.
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