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  1. Is there anyone with new AWE or AWAE ? (2020/2019) ? please please if you may upload here if possible
  2. Thanks friend if you may and if possible upload somewhere so i can import , because i don't have enough free space
  3. The file you are trying to download is no longer available. The account that created this link has been terminated due to multiple violations of our <hide> Terms of Service. </hide> Dude friend i honor you if you may reupload and send me in PM
  4. Links is dead not available 404 Error if you may send me in PM
  5. The file has been moved and no longer available
  6. Ro0t


    its not gonna upload
  7. all links are dead please reupload somewhere
  8. Ro0t

    CISCO Architect CCAr

    Thanks for your advice, sure it is not that easy and of cousre it is the highest degree in CISCO sure i will take care of your advice
  9. Ro0t


    i mean our friend !
  10. could you reupload ? the links are down, please reupload again thanks
  11. Ro0t


    any news friend ?
  12. Ro0t

    CISCO Architect CCAr

    Hello everyone , i would like to discuss about CISCO architect program and its prerequisite CCDE , i want to take the exam and i am going through it with every Material available including INE , and CISCO Press books , every materials available, i would like to know about the experience of people who become expert here to guide me through this procedure
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