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  1. If you look on Ebay for that item number and select buy it now and pay via paypal
  2. Yes the voucher is applicable to the exams I listed at the top, please see eBay to purchase the voucher
  3. I have a "CCIE Mobile Lab" 100% discount voucher (GBP currency) voucher needs to be used by 07-OCT-2021 (so presuming this is just to book it, but you could book it for further away if needed) selling for £700
  4. @moontouch yes this is still available
  5. This key wouldn't work for me? ....anyone able to share please
  6. Exam voucher is valid till AUG 2021, valid for; devnet associate/professional concentrate exams 200-901, 300-435, 300-535, 300-635, 300-735, 300-835, 300-910, 300-915, 300-920 Voucher is for exams paid in GBP, £100 for voucher (lowered from £200)
  7. I have an un wanted devnet 200-901 exam voucher (UK, paying for exam in GBP) selling for £200 valid till AUG 2021
  8. @canyar I am unable to PM u, all i require is PayPal payment and I can release the code to your email
  9. found this: Voucher facts ALL CISCO CERTIFICATION EXAM VOUCHERS SOLD WILL HAVE A 1-YEAR EXPIRATION DATE FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE. Vouchers must be purchased in the currency of the country the exam will be taken in. While pre-paid vouchers offer convenience to some purchasers, test takers do not need to purchase a voucher to schedule an exam, but may make a direct payment with their credit card in the registration system at the time of scheduling. There is no volume discount for Cisco vouchers. All vouchers are pre-paid. Vouchers are non-refundable, non-returnable and for single use only. You must take your exam by the voucher expiration date. Cisco reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. So best i stick i stick to the UK
  10. im not to sure, i purchased it here in the UK and presume maybe it cant be used outside it? - just playing it safe (dont know if anyone else knows the rules?)
  11. Selling x1 CCNP Technology Core Exam Voucher (valid for 350-401/501/601/701/801 exams) available to UK only and voucher valid till 18th June 2021 £200 (as opposed to the £400 inc VAT price if booking yourself)
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