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  1. Yes on Saturday, preparing to the ENARSI exam now, studying MPLS mostly & reviewing some routing.
  2. Here is the link again: [hide][Hidden Content]] Expires in one week. Good luck!
  3. One week to download it again, enjoy guys: [hide][Hidden Content]] Good luck!
  4. Can anyone share material (videos, docs) that you have available to learn about versa WAN please?
  5. Good luck JAaz, i bet you will be unstoppable! Do your best mate!
  6. I will take in 2/3 weeks more or less...
  7. Here are the questions that I catch from him the other day: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. There you go: [hide][Hidden Content]] Good luck on the study.
  9. Magnet Link: [Hidden Content]
  10. On folder 4 there is a repeated video of Lightweight Design which repeats in the video of WLC Design. Can someone upload the WLC Design video please. Thanks.
  11. Hope this helps: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. I have this. I hope it helps! [Hidden Content]
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