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  1. well thats only part 1 ....... Cancer222 @goodrookie2015 what about other parts ?
  2. apologies for that ...now its done @doH
  3. here you go bro @cisconerd22 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. does anyone found a way to download video courses from this this o'reilly???while books i already have the method to download.
  5. @mi0 point taken.....but i m too messed up with their names...apologies for that
  6. @mi0 yep tried on some torrent sites...no luck anyone who needs this ...plz lets search alltogether and plz update here, if anyone got something
  7. @certiagra did you get this pdf?? i m too looking for this and still not able to get this.
  8. thanks #just checking how to hide content#
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