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  1. well thats only part 1 ....... Cancer222 @goodrookie2015 what about other parts ?
  2. apologies for that ...now its done @doH
  3. here you go bro @cisconerd22 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. does anyone found a way to download video courses from this this o'reilly???while books i already have the method to download.
  5. @mi0 point taken.....but i m too messed up with their names...apologies for that
  6. @mi0 yep tried on some torrent sites...no luck anyone who needs this ...plz lets search alltogether and plz update here, if anyone got something
  7. tried to find it on darkweb ...still no luck
  8. @certiagra did you get this pdf?? i m too looking for this and still not able to get this.
  9. thanks #just checking how to hide content#
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