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  1. You are awesome!! Can I ask For AWAE the VM-s, there arent any vm-s for lesson 2, 3 and 4 ? Am I correct ? Or am I sometihng missing? Thanks
  2. Loooking for the Labs Vms or the newer pdf or videos (2017+ ) for sec542. Thanks very much!
  3. It is because nobody has the full original torrent files, it is useless
  4. trash content, dont even try , torrent totally useless stuck at 57%
  5. Everything works , Good job man! 760 and 504 are new materials for me, They can not be found easily
  6. Looking for elearnsecurty MAP(MALWARE ANALYSIS PROFESSIONAL) course online. Share if you have it please ! Thanks!
  7. Hey would you share labs please, I would be extremely thankful
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