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  1. @tester1337 hi thank you so much for your feedback was really helpful what i did actually when i downloaded the pdf from another thread at the forum i launched wireshark and started to have a closer look at the packets i am sending out as i didn't try it on vm so if we expected that there would be a sand box escaping technique for a successful exploition or the malware inside it self protected from running inside a sandbox so it would be needed to be installed at a safe environment not a contained environment well for me ididnt find any outbound connections comming from my side and i will not say that the file is clean or not so it would take a (timer) to run down the exploit but thats what i did from my side , finally i will try down what you have mentioned above and thank you so much for your feedback and i am really glad that i can see someone finally studying the courses materials in here : thank you :))
  2. @tester1337 hi , can you provide us with some details about the injection process from spraying to spawning a different pid i am interesting to learn some of the techniques you have used while analyzing thank you so much and best regards :)
  3. MrHuh

    AWAE 2019 PDF

    @salahmostaf EDIT link is working problem was from my side THANKS for the huge share
  4. @whatareyou seemes like sync is down can you please set it again thank you EDIT: sync is working thank you so much
  5. @Crak3Ur i meant by 'BH' black box testing so as i mentioned they do white box at AWAE
  6. do you think that the new AWAE will be useful without the laps because laps is going to be online not as the older Black hat versions since it's full depends on white hack techniques ?
  7. @Juan12345llll hope someone would share it with us soon
  8. hi @kaiz3r is SANS-SEC401.Security.Essentials.Bootcamp.Style 2017 is it full version (PDFs, Videos, Audio, USB) if so please share it i cant find any online links for it anymore thank you so much
  9. hi @Juan12345llll did you manage to find it ?
  10. link is not accessible anymore i hope mr @devil soulwill fix it soon
  11. yeah same here too please someone share if you can thanks
  12. MrHuh


    @lavandula7 can you tell me please which year is this AWAE course ? Thank you
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