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  1. Because I worked with ASA/Firepower and other NGFW for years, and I can say with absolutely certainty that firepower is garbage. I just had bad flashbacks when reading the title of this post from the time I worked with it and had to comment to at least pay homage for those who are still tied to it. Sorry for the rant, I'll leave you guys in peace.
  2. grayocean


    Hi, Firstly, thanks for sharing all this files. The 'SANS - SEC575 v2017 Video.part1' is currently unavailable. Would be possible to reupload it? Thanks
  3. Hi, Hope you all are doing great and are safe during these trying times. Im looking for the PDF and Video files for FOR508 2014 or 2015. Can someone kindly upload or give me a nudge where this would be available? Thank you very much,
  4. @Juan12345llll Im rechecking the torrent right now.
  5. Guys, I seeded a bunch of files I had here so the torrent is now currently at 82.3%. If you have any missing files, please contribute to bring this back to 100%. thanks,
  6. Guys, mega started dropping the files before I could finish all of them, so I decided to host the files via the SANS_Collection torrent, which had only about 60% of the content being seeded. I seeded a bunch of stuff that I had and now you can download about 85% of the torrent content, including the SEC560 OVAs. You can get the torrent file here:
  7. Looking for FOR508 and FOR527 USB files as well...
  8. Could someone reupload this? Ill share in my mega account as well.
  9. @fixer907, he meant that there are no other courses available here at certcollection.org. And I dont even know why do you put that as hide content.
  10. I didnt even know that more ICS courses existed. I already downloaded a ton of stuff from SANS and there is nothing else from ICS courses besides what I shared. I edited my first post to clarify that. If I find anything else I'll post here. Cheers,
  11. @MrHuh this was not created by @devil soul, it has been periods of downtime in the last few days and since I tested 2 days ago it never came back. We can just hope it starts working again.
  12. @voldipoldi Hey man, I can see the files but cant download due to ToS Violation. Can you kindly upload again? I'll host it in my account as well. Thanks,
  13. I have the ISC 410 2018 version. Mega link: [Hidden Content]
  14. Hey. I have the files here, however, its 32gb in size and will take a bit. As soon as it finishes Ill post a link here.
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