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  1. Updates / Information For regular updates regarding class materials, follow wrongbaud and voidstarsec on twitter. Course Overview This is a four session course that covers the basics of reverse engineering software with Ghidra. For each session there are exercises to be completed that can be found on the project github page. Session One Lecture Session Two Lecture Session Three Lecture Session Four Lecture Exercises and materials can be found here. Hardware Requirements 8GB RAM Software Requirements Docker (or an Ubuntu 18.04 VM) The Ghidra SRE Tool Requires JDK Version 11.0.2 - Windows, Linux, OSX Getting Started Download Ghidra from here Installation guide Download the exercises / Docker container from here git clone [Hidden Content] Build the docker container (Note: You can also use an Ubuntu 18.04 VM if you're doing this, skip to step 5) cd hackaday-u/docker docker build . -t hackaday Test the Docker container (If using Ubuntu 18.04, skip to step 5!) docker run --rm -it hackaday /bin/bash Run a challenge binary as a test! [email protected]:/home/hackaday# ./hackaday-u/session-one/exercises/c1 Please supply the password! [email protected]:/home/hackaday# ./hackaday-u/session-one/exercises/c1 test Wrong answer, we'd never use test as the password! The goal of these challenges is to bypass or provide a proper password. Over the course of the sessions the amount of information that you have to provide will change and the complexity of the passwords will increase. Course Goals Familiarize students with the basic concepts behind software reverse engineering x86_64 Architecture Review Identifying C constructs in assembly code Disassembly vs Decompilation Teach students how to use the Ghidra SRE tool to reverse engineer Linux based binaries Basic navigation and usage How to identify and reconstruct structures, local variables and other program components Demonstrate and explain the methodologies used when approaching an unknown program with Ghidra Where to start when looking at an unknown binary How to quickly gain an understanding of an unknown program Provide challenges and "crackme" exercises so that students gain hands on experience with Ghidra Prerequisites / Resources C Programming Language Review and Tutorials Introduction to 64 Bit Assembly NASM x86_64 Cheat Sheet Excellent x86 Review Intel Manual - Volume 1 Intel Manual - Volume 2 Online compiler with assembly output Playlist for the Reverse Engineering with Ghidra series: Slides: [Hidden Content]
  2. Habe SpaƟ! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. @BughunterI have Advanced Threat Hunting - [Hidden Content]#
  4. @Bughunter i am keen to exchange this course. Do you have this?
  5. please share these trainings? [Hidden Content]
  6. As all the trainings this year going virtual anyone got materials from BH trainings? [Hidden Content]
  7. hello, anyone got access to fortynorth public courses? [Hidden Content] 1. Intrusion Operations 2. Initial Access Operations 3. [NEW] Assume Breach Operations
  8. Hello, If you have access to WWHF courses then please upload it here. If you have any of the following please share: Atomic Red Teaming Modern WebApp Pentesting Applied Purple Teaming Advanced Network Threat Hunting Active Defense and Cyber Deception Breaching the Cloud [Hidden Content]
  9. Can someone pls seed this?
  10. Awesome content! Please share more like this.
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