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  1. @biggimp77 @rahulvermaa Here [Hidden Content]]
  2. Packt- Salesforce Certified Administrator original link : [hide][Hidden Content]] download link : [hide][Hidden Content]] just unmount the iso file
  3. pluralsight - Visualizing Network Traffic with Wireshark original link : [Hidden Content] Download link: [Hidden Content] key: [Hidden Content]
  4. Hi guys, I am looking for a method/software to download CBTNuggets video material. I see people recently share there content. So there must be a way to download full course with subtitles from the website. rather than boring video recorders. Edit: i figured a way to download the videos ( i had to to do a lot of manual stuff myself ) but anyway. my problem now is i need to download the subtitles. any help with that. i will share the content with you when i finish. stay Safe.
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