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  1. I just saw today a couple courses changed but I don't see any change?! For example CCNP Enterprise track was 291Hours now it's 323Hours. CCNA was 99Hours now it's 143Hours. CCIE Enterprise Infracstructure v1.0 was 64Hours now it's 103Hours. Where is the new stuff? Everything is the same as far as I can see. I have downloaded copies of the tracks previously and can't seem to find a difference?!
  2. maybe they were thinking C since its /25...or 62 usable hosts, anything less is 30 hosts which is too small as you need 40 anyway I need to revise whats a SVI haha
  3. you mean the new section 3 with 4 topics in the CCIE Infracstructure (enterprise pathway) v1 course ? the 4 sections appeared the other day, look into my posts, I have uploaded it to mega the other day.
  4. you can just record your screen while scrolling through the questions and the answers. that would be sufficient <3
  5. No it's actually missing, URL might be wrong, says: Filebin Convenient file sharing on the web, without registration. Simply upload files and share the URL. The files will expire automatically 1 week from now. 1. Click Upload files below, or drag and drop the files into this browser window. 2. Wait until the file uploads complete. 3. Distribute the URL to share access to the files.
  6. I'm taking these right now, with tasks included. But will upload later in October or early November if you can wait.
  7. [hide][Hidden Content]] thanks for telling, I wouldn't have noticed : )) I'm uploading to mega now. 1.74 GB. Can you also keep an eye if they add single videos to already existing topics?
  8. can you please guide us how to download fast with this software? I've downloaded it before but it's a little confusing. Must you start every video individually before downloading them or can you just put the page link and download the whole playlist from the page automatically?
  9. Are you saying to record the screen while the videos are playing or how can that software be used to download fast and efficiently with little manual labour? Please guide us!
  10. why would I ask for money. That is a dick move. I am torrenting illegally during a trial period. I've seen that cunt on telegram asking for donations for these INE courses. He has the "CiscoChat:p" telegram group. That's a dick move. I'm just too busy to spend hours torrenting all of INE right now, because I would. PIRACY IS FREE FOREVER.
  11. [Hidden Content] this works fine I have all of these plus az500 course. With the tasks and their video solution saved. Also 2 solarwind courses and I'm getting az303-304 now. This is about 90GB. I can upload all of these online somewhere later in October. If your trial ends soon, you can download other things from the website and grab these from me later on. Downloading with downloadhelper is tedious and takes manual work to grab many videos with it.
  12. NOPE WAIT A SECOND! the links are dead. rapidgator requires a premium account to download those files and nitroflare says the content has been removed due to inactivity.
  13. is this part of the CCNP enterprise or something? or is it a standalone module? I can get it for you.
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