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  1. Hello, i've re-upload the DnD - let me know if this is ok. Regards, Mardouk
  2. Hello skywal, I haven't read the ARCH book but the ENSLD book is not enough if you want to pass the exam Regards, Mardouk
  3. @MABAG, Congrats ! and thanks for the feedback, i will try to re-check the MCQ based on this regards, Mardouk
  4. Hello, The link is working - but all the hidden content is not a single link - Anyway, i've edited my first post only leave the link and now the issue should be solved. Regards, Mardouk
  5. Caution that there is the link + a small description after it - Could you check to remove everything after the space when trying to reach the URL? Thanks, Mardouk
  6. @techxpert - i can still see it in the ge.tt link. Caution that the MCQ is in v 1.4 and the DnD is in v 1.1 - could you re-check please ? Thanks, Mardouk
  7. Woup -Woup, congrats man Any idea which questions were wrong ? Thanks, Mardouk
  8. i didn't used th maya-86q in the pdf beause ( from memory) most of the questions are coming from the retired SWITCH exam - i found it odd the 60q is the master file i think began by @qqc on this forum Thanks, Mardouk
  9. Yes i've got it I've checked and all the questions are already in the v 1.4 and in the Drag'n Drop. Caution that we've got different answers from the VCE-plus files. Feel free to double check the answer Thanks, Mardouk
  10. i'm not able to download it :s could you attach the pdf file to your post ? thanks, Mardouk
  11. hey @ccdp2, Honestly i can not be sure - can you post a link to the pdf so i an check and adapt my files ? thanks ! Mardouk
  12. @Maverickkhan, Thanks for the kind words man I've done some new changes by correcting questions 50 and 73 + adding more references - the new file is in v 1.4 on the ge.tt link (hoping everything is correct... :s ) good luck for the test and keep us updated Thanks, Mardouk
  13. @Maverickkhan ok for the Q 34 I've updated the MCQ files to v1.3 with the following changes : - Correction of the answer : 30/34/44/46/65/90/91/93/ - Adding References to the Questions : 25/30/34/37/38/65/67/68/69/70/79/87/92/ - Adding a "Dispute" for the Question 36 and 50 i'm leaving the v1.2 if someone would like to check the answer between the two versions ( which could be nice ) Regards, Mardouk
  14. Hello, It should be available now, there is a daily download limit - Could you recheck ? EDIT-1 : i've separated the cert guide from the dump so it will be harder to reach the daily limit on the ge.tt link Thanks, Mardouk
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