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  1. I find for a long time the ebook titled : The power of your spoken word of author Eddie Coronado If you have it. Please upload to gofile.io and share it for me. Thank you very much. Good luck.
  2. Here @imranliaquat you are: [hide][Hidden Content]] Goodluck.
  3. Videos folder in zip file. After you download and unzip, you will see it Good luck.
  4. But the link died and so many people need it Thanks you so much. Goodluck.
  5. It has AWAE 2019 pdfs and video. And WAPTX 2020 pdfs
  6. Here is Ofensive Security AWAE pdf 2020 & video instructor [hide][Hidden Content]] Goodluck.
  7. Here you are @keenkim, @kurtlock [hide][Hidden Content]] Goodluck.
  8. Ec-Council Certified Network Defender modules slide and labs manual [hide][Hidden Content]] Goodluck.
  9. Please reupload. Your link died Thanks you so muck. :D
  10. You can scan your system by antivirus software such as Avast.. You maybe infect adware virus. Goodluck.
  11. You just click download button to download ECSAV10.zip file, it's 1.6G. Goodluck.
  12. This is Ec-Council Security Analyst (ECSA) v10 courseware and instructor slide: [Hidden Content] Goodluck.
  13. Because it is raw pdf file not compressed, so it's big size And it contains more than 5k pages. Goodluck.
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